A history about the addition
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Date Request Status
2022/01/11逃げるThis was registered.
2020/11/24雨水This is not a verb.
2020/10/19比べるThis was registered.
2020/06/02Please check "降る[ふる/furu]". "雨が降る"
2019/12/02くださるThis was registered.
2019/12/02はばかるThis was registered as "憚る".
2019/11/19眠くなるPlease check "なる[naru]". "眠く"+"なる/なります/なって..."
2019/10/10どうやらThis is not a verb.
2019/10/07応援Please check "する[suru]". "応援する"
2019/10/07豊富な知識を生かしてThis was registered as "生かす/活かす".
2019/09/30飲べるPlease check "飲む" or "食べる".
2019/09/30想定Please check "する[suru]". "想定する"
2019/09/18今月のめあてThis is not a verb.
2019/09/17さっきThis is not a verb.
2019/04/08kareutaThis is not a verb.
2018/12/21programadoThis is not a verb. Please check "する[suru]".
2018/11/14sakuguThis is not a verb.
2018/03/26汲むThis was registered.
2018/03/13焼きThis was registered as "焼く".
2018/03/01こするThis was registered.
2018/01/05おはようございますThis is not a verb.
2017/04/24padreThis is not a verb.
2017/04/04痛いThis is not a verb.
2017/01/23嫌うThis was registered.
2017/01/11sawaruThis was registered as "触る".
2017/01/04rocaThis is not a verb.
2016/12/12かんたんThis is not a verb.
2016/12/09なくすThis was registered as "無くす".
2016/10/17kekuるThis is not a verb.
2016/08/29狙うThis was registered.
2016/08/24仕事が休みになる人This is not a verb.
2016/07/11あむThis was registered.
2016/04/18亡くなるThis was registered.
2016/04/15けっかThis is not a verb.
2016/04/11perroThis is not a verb.
2016/03/18浴びられませんPlease check "浴びる[abiru]".
2016/01/19shawaThis is not a verb.
2016/01/18及ぶThis was registered.
2015/12/18あわてるThis was registered.
2015/09/10飛ばすThis was registered.
2015/08/20畳むThis was registered.
2015/08/20掃くThis was registered.
2015/08/04絞るThis was registered.
2015/08/03注ぐThis was registered.
2015/08/03盛るThis was registered.
2015/08/03塗るThis was registered.
2015/07/30拭くThis was registered.
2015/07/30覚ますThis was registered.
2014/12/09緊張するPlease check "する[suru]". "緊張する"
2014/12/06飛ぶ起きるThis was registered as "飛おきる"
2014/08/29見かけましたThis was registered as "見かける".
2014/08/22見えるThis was registered.
2014/06/19形式This is not a verb.
2014/06/05roomPlease check "住む(すむ)[sumu]".
2014/06/02生むThis was registered.
2014/05/09捥ぐThis was registered.
2013/12/20建てるThis was registered.
2013/09/27駆けるThis was registered.
2013/09/24飽きるThis was registered.
2013/09/09This was registered as "結ぶ(むすぶ)".
2013/09/10お世話さまThis is not a verb.
2013/09/09This was registered as "結ぶ(むすぶ)".
2013/09/06ささやくThis was registered.
2013/04/30覚えてるThis is already registered as "覚える". te-form of "覚える" = "覚えて" + "いる" = "覚えている". "覚えてる" is a colloquial expression.
2013/04/30作蚤This is not a verb.
2013/04/30咲くThis is already registered. Please check it again.
2013/04/30急ぐThis was registered.
2013/04/30包むThis was registered.
2013/04/30しまうThis was registered.
2013/04/25間違えるThis was registered.
2013/04/25叶えるThis was registered.
2013/04/24満たすThis was registered.
2013/04/11okusonoThis is not a verb.
2013/02/10hiromiThis is not a verb.
2012/12/28生きてる(=生きている)This is already registered as "生きる(いきる)".
"生きて" + "いる"
2012/12/28響くThis was registered.
2012/12/28散るThis was registered.
2012/03/18faccioPlease check "する[suru]".
2011/12/15まぜまぜThis was registered as "混ぜる".
"まぜまぜ" is used as follows.
Please check "する[suru]".

*"まぜまぜする" is a child word.
2011/12/02泊まるThis was registered.
2011/09/08KonichiwaThis is not a verb.
2011/06/30蓄えるThis was registered.
2011/06/04NagaiThis is い-Adjective.
2011/02/15炒めるThis was registered.
2011/01/11hablarThis is Spanish.
Please check "話す(はなす)[Hanasu]".
2010/12/03通るThis was registered.
2010/11/23殖えるPlease check "増える(ふえる)[Fueru]".
2010/11/23信じるThis was registered.
2010/10/22つらいThis is a イ-adjective.
2010/05/25nonuMaybe, it is a mistake.
2010/08/05grayscaleIs this a verb?
2010/06/29staraThis is not a verb.
2010/05/25nonuMaybe, it is a mistake.
2010/05/13ゆかいThis is a な-Adjective.
2010/05/02雑誌This is noun.
2010/01/25SenySorry, I was not found such a word.
2009/12/03IKUTo use the capital letter, the system was changed.
2009/11/12そろえるThis was registered as "揃える".
2009/10/22受けるThis was registered.
2009/10/20This is not a verb.
2009/10/05浴びるThis was registered.
2009/09/05おどろくThis was registered as "驚く".
2009/09/01もってくるThis is "もって" + "くる".
Please check "来る(くる)[kuru]".
2009/08/19植えるThis was registered.
2009/08/18練習This is used as follows.
Please check "する[suru]".
2009/05/20掏るThis was registered.
2009/05/20墜ちるThis was registered.
2009/04/20annaiThis is used as follows.
Please check "する[suru]".
2009/02/03whenThis is not a verb.
2009/01/04bitchThere is not the Japanese falling under this word
2009/01/02littleThis is not a verb.
2008/12/27怒るThis was registered.
2008/11/04まとめますThis was registered as "まとめる".
2008/09/08wakaremasuThis was registered as "別れる/分かれる(わかれる)".
2008/09/08iwaimasuThis was registered as "祝う(いわう)".
2008/09/08tsuwarimasuThere is not "tsuwarimasu" in the general Japanese.
2008/09/08mottekuruThis is "持って" + "来る".
Please check "来る(くる)[kuru]".
2008/09/08inoruThis was registered as "祈る(いのる)".
2008/09/08akirameruThis was registered as "諦める(あきらめる)".
2008/09/08fuyasuThis was registered as "増やす(ふやす)".
2008/09/08narasuThis was registered as "鳴らす/慣らす/馴らす/均す(ならす)".
2008/09/08kawaruThis was registered as "変わる/代わる/換わる/替わる(かわる)".
2008/09/08narabuThis was registered as "並ぶ(ならぶ)".
2008/09/08kazaruThis was registered as "飾る(かざる)".
2008/09/06tasukaruThis was registered as "助かる(たすかる)".
2008/09/06kurashimasuThis was registered as "暮らす(くらす)".
2008/09/06torinozokuThis was registered as "取り除く(とりのぞく)".
2008/09/06yatotteThis was registered as "雇う(やとう)".
2008/09/06naremasuThis was registered as "慣れる(なれる)".
2008/09/06tsumoruThis was registered as "積もる(つもる)".
2008/09/01突くThis was registered.
2008/08/25mamoruThis was registered as "守る(まもる)".
2008/08/25hasamuThis was registered as "挟む(はさむ)".
2008/08/20dogThis was registered as "付きまとう(つきまとう)".
2008/08/18tsuwaruThere is not "tsuwaru" in the general Japanese.
2008/08/18tsukemasuThis was registered as "付ける(つける)".
2008/08/18yakusuThis was registered as "訳す(やくす)".
2008/08/18hueruThis was registered as "増える(ふえる)[fueru]".
2008/08/18hakobuThis was registered as "運ぶ(はこぶ)".
2008/08/18ikemasuThis was registered as "生ける(いける)".
2008/08/18kizamuThis was registered as "刻む(きざむ)".
2008/08/18sakebuThis was registered as "叫ぶ(さけぶ)".
2008/08/18mottekuruThis is "持って" + "来る".
Please check "来る(くる)[kuru]".
2008/08/18tsutawaruThis was registered as "伝わる(つたわる)".
2008/08/18mitsukeruThis was registered as "見つける(みつける)".
2008/08/18demukaeruThis was registered as "出迎える(でむかえる)".
2008/08/18mayouThis was registered as "迷う(まよう)".
2008/08/18katazukeruThis was registered as "片づける(かたづける)".
2008/08/18tsutaeruThis was registered as "伝える(つたえる)".
2008/08/18maneruThis was registered as "真似る(まねる)".
2008/08/18shiraberuThis was registered as "調べる(しらべる)".
2008/08/18ayamaruThis was registered as "謝る(あやまる)" and "誤る(あやまる)".
2008/07/25殴るThis was registered.
2008/07/04sandeThere is not "sande" in the general Japanese.
2008/07/04sabuThere is not "sabu" in the general Japanese.
2008/07/04yorokubuMaybe, it is "yorokobu".
Therefor, I registered "喜ぶ(よろこぶ)".
2008/07/04mottekuruThis is "持って" + "来る".
Please check "来る(くる)".
2008/07/04sasouThis was registered as "誘う(さそう)".
2008/07/04yoruThis was registered as "寄る(よる)","依る(よる)","由る(よる)","拠る(よる)" and "因る(よる)".
2008/07/04tsuwaruThere is not "tsuwaru" in the general Japanese.
2008/07/04GigglThis is expressed as "くすくす笑う" or "くっくっと笑う" in Japanese.
Therefor, I registered "笑う(わらう)".
2008/06/18swordThis is not a verb.
2008/06/17desuThis is different from the verb conjugation for an auxiliary verb. (Reference)
2008/06/12tsuwarimasuThere is not "tsuwarimasu" in the general Japanese.
2008/06/12odoruThis was registered as "踊る(おどる)".
2008/06/12mairuThis was registered as "参る(まいる)".
2008/06/12yakudatsuThis was registered as "役立つ(やくだつ)".
2008/06/12hakaruThis was registered as "計る/図る/量る(はかる)".
2008/06/12nemuruThis was registered as "眠る(ねむる)".
2008/06/12migatte"migatte" is not a verb.
2008/06/02手伝うThis was registered.
2008/05/30morauThis was registered as "貰う(もらう)"
2008/05/30todokuThis was registered as "届く(とどく)"
2008/05/30harauThis was registered as "払う(はらう)"
2008/05/30tsuwaruThere is not "tsuwaru" in the general Japanese.
However, there is "tsumaru". Therefore it was registered as "tsumaru / 詰まる(つまる)".
2008/05/30mukaeThis was registered as "迎える(むかえる)"
2008/05/30ugokuThis was registered as "動く(うごく)"
2008/05/30omoidasuThis was registered as "思い出す(おもいだす)"
2008/05/19kakarimasuThis was registered as "かかる(掛かる・懸かる・架かる・係る)"
2008/05/15haeruThis was registered as "生える(はえる)" and "映える(はえる)"
2008/05/14studyThis was registered as "学ぶ(まなぶ)"
2008/05/12SEIRISURUThis is "整理" + "する".
Please check "する(suru)"
2008/05/12calenderThere is not an appropriate Japanese verb.
2008/05/07choiceThis is already registered as "えらぶ(choose)".
"choice" and "select" were added in "えらぶ" record.
2008/05/02tsureteikuThis was registered as "連れる"
"連れて" + "行く".
2008/05/02うかがうThis was registered as "伺う"
2008/05/02さがすThis was registered as "探す"
2008/05/02かぶるThis was registered as "被る"
2008/04/26救うThis was registered
2008/04/15hopeThis was registered as "望む"
2008/04/07This was registered as "愛す / 愛する"
2008/04/05てれるThis was registered as "照れる"
2008/04/05割れるThis was registered
2008/04/01こわれるThis was registered
2008/03/30出来るThis was registered
2008/03/30chipThis was registered as "削る(けずる)"
2008/03/29知っているThis is already registered as "知る(しる)".
"知って" + "いる"
2008/03/24壊わすThis was registered as "壊す"
2008/03/24ikiruThis was registered
2008/03/22叩くThis was registered
2008/03/07さわるThis was registered
2008/03/01drinkingThis is already registered as "drink"